Tackling The Busy Holiday Season!

It's that time of year where we get so excited about all of the parties, the decorations, the family visiting from out of town and of course the shopping!


I’d Threaten to Kick My Mom Out!

"If you say another word about how I run my house and parent my kids, I'm gonna kick you out of my house!"  I'm typically the more controlled and tolerant one out of my  mother's three daughters.  But that particular day--I'd heard and listened to more than enough correction, criticizing, and critiquing that I was... Continue Reading →

Violence Is Not Love!

VIOLENCE IS NOT LOVE!! It’s not love when domestic violence occurs, it’s not love when verbal abuse spills out, it’s not love when kids are bullying someone, and it’s not love when someone murders someone---VIOLENCE IS NOT LOVE!!

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